At 5:00 AM a new day begins for coffee farmers and consumers alike with the sound of the Rooster. The coffee farmer gets up early to make sure that the coffee process is done perfectly, while in their homes, the consumer is preparing to start a great day. They share the same smell of fresh roasted coffee, the sweetness and the greatness of the coffee with which we begin our mornings. For Murg Coffee this is the most valuable moment of the day.

Our coffee growers use the best agricultural practices and quality standards to ensure a harvest of the best specialty coffee.


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    Origin: Neiva Huila Variety: Caturra Roast: Medium Altitude: Grown at 1,650 meters above sea level Aroma/Fragrance: Sweet caramel and cinnamon Notes: Chocolate, blueberries and brown sugar Body/Acidity: Medium Process: Honey Honey Coffee are dried with part of the cherry flesh still attached to the beans. You can expect a sweet, fruity […]

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    Coffee grown at an average altitude of 1,900 – 2,200 m.a.s.l. Made using a differentiated processes friendly to the environment, which transfers into a cup of coffee with an intense aroma, notes of chocolate, herbs and fruit sensations.

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    Origin: Pitalito Huila Variety: Castillo Roast: Medium Process: Washed Fermentation time: 48 hours Mild washed Arabica coffee, grown at 1,470 meters above sea level, which when processed, produces a cup known for being balanced with sweet notes, medium/high body and acidity, intense aroma with fruity and caramel sensations.

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    100% Organic Coffee, certified NOP, JAS, and National Seal. You get a single origin cup, a cup committed to the protection of the soils and waters of the region. It comes from 405 families of small and medium coffee producers.

Our coffee is known for having a balanced taste with sweet notes. This cup profile is derived from climate and geographical factors only found in the mountains of Colombia such as fewer hours of sunlight due to cloudiness, constant temperatures during the day that favor the accumulation of chemical compounds in the fruit, and altitude ranges between 1000 V 2200 meters (masl). The result is a coffee bean with a characteristic uniform cup.